Sunday, November 15, 2009

ThatsMyBis Episode 1 Part 2

So, where was I? Oh yeah. The Bus to Bath because Botticellireject said yes..... No Wasp on that one...

I was on the bus to Bath, took a pic, ( ) and noticed MaliciousMel had posted a link to a steak restaurant ( ), That looked like a very good idea but it was still early.

When I arrived in Bath I had all sorts of connection errors but finally managed to ask Twitter what it wanted me to do, then waited. And waited.... Then my phone bleeped to tell me my update had not been sent!

I started wandering (Kind of looking for a chemist for some wasp sting medicine) and actually got a signal and a pile of updates. I found somewhere out of the flow of pedestrian traffic, as I was in the main shopping center by now and it was almost lunch time, and checked my tweets. Vikkeh saying "You should go get lunch" jumped out at me so I rechecked the link Mel had sent me to The Hudson Steak House, put the details into google maps on my phone with GPS enabled and I was off! (It even gave me walking directions that ignored one way streets etc)

It only took 20 minutes of hilly walking, passing all sorts of interesting food establishments, until I found it..... Here is the main entrance.. ... It opened in 4 hours!

So I backtracked to the last place that looked like it would do steak, to at least try and stay in the spirit of #ThatsMyBis and eat what I was told! Ha Ha Bar and Grill fit the bill!

I got a pint of cider at the bar, got a menu, checked it was ok to eat outside with the bartender, and sat outside so I could smoke. Once I had sat down I realised I should have asked twitter what to drink but nobody's perfect. I had a dodgy signal again so couldn't get a pic of the menu so posted steak choices instead. I thought the waiter might arrive before twitter decided what to order but Vikkeh and widget53 both had options, Vikkeh first. I was all ready to order a well done Fillet....

So, the wait for service starts... just to take the order...

In the mean time (while trying to catch a staff members eye) I googled things to do in Bath and the top thing was visit the Roman Baths.... So obviously tweeted the question, "Anyone want a tour of the Roman Baths after I eat?"

MaliciousMel to the rescue again wanted me to go to the baths so at least I had something to do after I had my food.

Half an hour after sitting down someone actually came to take my order for the fillet steak.. Finally!

15 minutes later the waiter comes back and says, "Err, sorry, we haven't got Fillet. Do you want something else?" So unhappily I went for the medium rare sirloin instead.

It took another 15 minutes for THIS to arrive...
without a word of apology for the delay!

Then I ate it!

There is more to this story, probably even less interesting than what I have told so far, but if you want to know the rest, let me know!


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