Friday, November 13, 2009

ThatsMyBis Episode 1 Part 1

Here we go then, I've decided to do the story of my first attempt at #ThatsMyBis so you might want to participate in Episode 2.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin... :)

The Adventure I had set myself.....

Let my Twitter followers decide what I do for a day. Where I go, What I eat, Where I eat it and so on. It almost worked...

I started at a bus stop in Nailsea about 10:20AM, waiting for the bus to take me to Bristol Bus Station where Twitter would start making my choices for me. I was nervous about what may happen when I got there, little did I know the worst would happen before anyone else could make a choice!

The bus was on time and I sat at the back by the emergency exit. Not because I wanted to be able to escape quickly but because that seat always has the most legroom. I'm not short remember!

While leaning forward, checking Twitter on my phone I felt a tickle on my back, it felt like my necklace was the wrong way round. I checked it but it was fine so thought it was just an itch...

Just a word of advice, DO NOT try and scratch a WASP as if it were an itch!!!

With a fairly dignified "AARRGGGHHH" I stripped my top half naked and shook the discarded clothes to discover the waspy git still alive to go and terrorise other bus passengers (who were already staring at the weirdo stripping on the bus). Luckily another passenger swatted the wasp before it could do any more damage..........

Finally arriving at the bus station I asked twitter if they wanted to see a list of bus times or I should go into Bristol... and waited.... suddenly there was a suggestion to go to london!!

I checked the departures just as the hourly bus to london left. the next bus went to Bath. I tweeted that as an opion and I was off! Bath Spa here we come! (With a very sore back)

So that's part of the story, I will do the rest if anyone wants me to.


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